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Submarine Story_p36


Some last pages of the King Luppa / part 1

22 Mar , 2019  

Last pages of the King Luppa Story, part 1 I have changed the style of the panels so that there are black borders on white background. It just made it much more readable. There’s only 1.5 pages to go, and then the main drawing is finished, and I can concentrate on fine tuning the details […]

The quest for the bottled sunshine - part 1


Part 1 of King Luppa comics is nearing completion

22 Feb , 2019   Gallery

King Luppa and the quest for the bottled sunshine A long time work, I have been doing is getting close to the finish line. Here is a sneak peek what it will hold inside.


Pancake 4


Gluten and Lactose free Pancakes

2 Apr , 2018  

Gluten free Pancakes recipe Ingredients 1 1/2 cups Oat flour 1 cup Oat bran 1 cup buckwheat flour 2 eggs 1/2 l Plain yogurt (A/B or Lactose free) 1/2 l milk (Long life milk or Lactose free) 1 tsp vanilla sugar 1/2 tsp salt 1 tsp soda 1 banana To Prepare Mix up the ingredients for […]



Conjuring the bottle

23 Mar , 2018   Gallery

Conjuring the sun into the bottle A page where Willie, the turtle tells about the vikings and their powerful wizard, who conjures the sun light into the bottle. Here’s the first draft…



Viking slate & Library

25 Feb , 2018   Gallery

Library view & Viking Ornaments Nearly finished slate with viking ornaments in the middle of the page. Part of the of the ornament is made based on a photo I took from the lamp post near Moderna Museet in Stockholm. The ornament outlines were drawn in the Illustrator, and then I used some Artifex brushes […]




Meet the friends

23 Feb , 2018   Gallery

The enters the yard of his castle, and meets his friends. Some new slates, I’ve been working on for some time.



Chess pieces

5 Feb , 2018   Gallery

Chess piece sketches Board games – that’s what the king finds boring. So, there’s going to be a particular set of pieces. These pieces carry the characteristics of the characters in this story. A full set is designed in 3D. Here are some draft skeches of the pieces, that will eventually turn into proper 3D […]




King Luppa sketches

10 Dec , 2017   Gallery

Some sketches in between … Here are some sketches that will of course be refined. Some are pretty rough, as they are mainly to mark up the placement in the story. There is also some panels that have backdrops of the castle library and food court. Color scheme is bright, and may not be exactly […]

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Vikings backdrop


Vikings section continues

9 Dec , 2017  

Vikings backdrop – this is going to be the backdrop for the explanation section Willie is going to do in the beginning. A story of Vikings that will set the mission for the team in the comic book.

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King Luppa and bottled sunshine story

20 May , 2017   Gallery

About The story continues. Here are some shots from the works. I’ve been developing the script more than the pictures. Regardless, the story and style is getting in shape. Synopsis: King Luppa wakes up in his castle to find out that the sunshine he so dearly loves has diminished in his kingdom. To solve the […]

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