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Game Design

Beat the Covid game

31 Dec , 2020  

Me and a small group of developers & gaming enthusiasts decided to create a game. Our first game together is getting close to be released. Here are some images and a video of its current state. We are planning to release it on Steam, Windows and Android.

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Game Design

Beat the Covid Sputnik character enhanced

31 Dec , 2020  

Added in eyeballs. These are animated in the game. Currently, we leave eyeballs of all lost characters visible after the winner is found.

Game Design

Making a Sputnik character

16 Dec , 2020  

As we changed the basic idea of our game from a simple 3D Tick tack toe to a Beat the Covid game, I designed a Sputnik character to replace the initial blue dude we had. It’s a bit of a joke towards the Russian Sputnik vaccination. I used Blender to create and animate the model. […]

Game Design

Beat the Covid game character

13 Dec , 2020  

Beat the Covid Cover


Bump Nasties logo & cover graphics

13 Dec , 2020  

I designed the Logotype for the band Bump Nasties alongside the album covers. There are many versions – one for each song.


Game Design

Covid character

30 Nov , 2020  

We changed the Basic idea of the game to be: “Beat the Covid”. I created a Covid 19 character.

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Game Design

Designing a dude character

29 Feb , 2020  

I made sketches of a dude character and then made a 3D model based on the sketched plans. I took photos of old (slightly rusty) railroad engines at the Railroad Museum in Adelaide, Australia. I used those photos for textures of two of these dudes.

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Submarine Story_p36


Some last pages of the King Luppa / part 1

22 Mar , 2019  

I have changed the style of the panels so that there are black borders on white background. It just made it much more readable. There’s only 1.5 pages to go, and then the main drawing is finished, and I can concentrate on fine tuning the details and packaging it.

The quest for the bottled sunshine - part 1


Part 1 of King Luppa comics is nearing completion

22 Feb , 2019   Gallery

King Luppa and the quest for the bottled sunshine A long time work, I have been doing is getting close to the finish line. Here is a sneak peek what it will hold inside.


Pancake 4


Gluten and Lactose free Pancakes

2 Apr , 2018  

Gluten free Pancakes recipe Ingredients 1 1/2 cups Oat flour 1 cup Oat bran 1 cup buckwheat flour 2 eggs 1/2 l Plain yogurt (A/B or Lactose free) 1/2 l milk (Long life milk or Lactose free) 1 tsp vanilla sugar 1/2 tsp salt 1 tsp soda 1 banana To Prepare Mix up the ingredients for […]

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