One4 logotype

As we have now cemented the name of the game, I started to create a logo, which is used in multiple places inside the game and on advertising.


First I made some sketches. My current favourite tool for this is a Remarkable tablet.

Draft versions

I designed the logo further using Affinity Designer. I started the design work on a grid, using blocks of similar size. I then added some rounded corners to certain places.

To make it look more like blocks that we have in the game, I cut the logo to squares.

The team did not like too much of putting the number 4 in an angle, so I decided not to go much further with it. The team liked that we could use the game characters in the logo, and I set them up in it.

The final logo

Instead of using the characters, I ended up replacing them with symbolism.

I put the logo on the Title screen of the game. My next task will be to re-design some controls in this UI to make it work better. Now it is a bit busy.