Geoff – the Most Accurate Bear in the World My animation and interactive comic book. This was an attempt to create an interactive comic book in Adobe Flash. There were plans to make more comics based on these characters. Somehow I just forgot this project. There was also Geoffadventures websiteRead More →

Weight liftin'

Geoff – the Most Accurate Bear in the World – characters Originally, I created this as a one page comic strip for my friend in a train from Lahti to Helsinki. Some comics were also published in a couple student magazines as a one-pager.Read More →

Vic Gymhand

Geoff – Vic Gymhand Story: Vic Gymhand. Here are still pictures. In the original user interface, these were all individual short animations. These stills try to capture the essence… Synopsis: Geoff and Ike are walking in town. They suddenly see an advertisement of a gym. They go in, and meetRead More →