Game clouds update & finalisation

After creating the marketing material, we in the development team found that more dramatic clouds are needed. We also decided to drop the interior and just leave the cloudy backdrop.

There is still some refinement to do with the slider design. These images also have some controls that are meant for the mobile version in the view.

Here’s the result

Still pictures for the marketing of the Beat me! game

Name of the game has been changed again to: “Beat me!”.

There were a number of changes in this. First of all, the Covid character needed to be changed a bit more vicious/joyful. Then I tried to add in bones into it, to make it animated in some of our trailers. Early versions were built in such a haste, that I had to re-create the 3D model again.

Here are a few versions of the main masthead image:

Viking slate & Library

Library view & Viking Ornaments

Nearly finished slate with viking ornaments in the middle of the page. Part of the of the ornament is made based on a photo I took from the lamp post near Moderna Museet in Stockholm. The ornament outlines were drawn in the Illustrator, and then I used some Artifex brushes to make them look like they were drawn with a pencil.

Meet the friends

The enters the yard of his castle, and meets his friends. Some new slates, I’ve been working on for some time.